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The 2023 Tax Deadline to File in the United States

The 2023 Tax Deadline to File in the United States

As March and April approach, it’s time to organize and prepare your documents for filing taxes. Without a second pair of eyes, you may make mistakes, forget information, or leave out crucial details.

Instead of handling things yourself and potentially missing the tax deadline to file, call G&R Bookkeeping. Business owners and individuals in Cape Coral, FL turn to our team for expert tax filing, no matter how complicated. Our team assists with personal and corporate tax filing to reduce the chances of an audit and help you receive your refund.

2023 Tax Filing Deadlines

United States corporations have their tax deadline to file on Wednesday, March 15th, 2023. Meanwhile, U.S. citizens must submit personal income, sole proprietorship, and partnership taxes by Monday, April 17th, 2023. This deadline normally would have been on the 15th, but this year, the due date falls on a Saturday.

Some deadlines are later depending on approved extensions for some forms and if the business has a physical location in the United States. For example, some U.S. citizens or residents have a tax home outside the United States and Puerto Rico. The IRS gives them an automatic filing extension until Thursday, June 15th without filing a form.

Forms You Can File for Extensions

You may need more time to file your individual income tax return or make estimated tax payments. Letting the IRS know your needs can lead to additional extensions you wouldn’t otherwise receive. The following list covers a few forms people use to extend filing and payment dates.

Form 4868

Individuals can receive an automatic extension on their filing deadline until October 15th (this year, the deadline is Monday, October 16th). Victims of natural disasters often use this form to give themselves more time to find copies of lost documents. You don’t have to be the victim of a natural disaster to use this form.

Form 7004

This form allows corporations to receive an automatic six-month extension to file business income tax, information, and other returns. Many corporations with 50 employees or more and various gains categories over the fiscal year use this form to gather detailed information. Otherwise, they may be more likely to face an audit.

Form 1138

Unlike other forms, the IRS does not grant automatic extensions through Form 1138. Instead, corporations can use this form to request a time extension for paying taxes on the previous tax year. They can only use it if they expect a net operating loss in the current year.

Find Out Which Forms You Can Use in Cape Coral, FL

Tax preparation doesn’t have to be a hassle with expert bookkeeping. The professionals at G&R Bookkeeping Services LLC ensure your tax forms have accurate information and save you from legal stressors. We can help you meet the tax deadline to file taxes in 2023 with clear and detailed proof of your work.

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